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Due Venti promotes concert programs of great artists who above all seek to express the music. Within the principles of style period, they take the artistic freedom that is already included in the composition and in the style.

The concert programs are centered around a theme and can be performed as presented. It is possible to adapt the program to the specific theme of the organizing festival or concert hall or to create special programs.

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Music is a direct expression of the soul. Through the music the artist communicates with us, the audience. The more the artist serves the intentions of the composer and of the composition, the more we can be moved.

Due Venti produces and coproduces recordings of artist who seek to serve these ideals.

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Artist management

Due Venti provides representation and artist management for a limited number of special artists devoted to the expressivity of their art. Key words are personal contact and developing ideas and projects together.

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For performing artists Due Venti offers unique possibilities for professional support:

  • Vocal recording coach: An extra pair of ears on the recording set, focused on the vocality
  • Personal coaching for performing artists. Professional and confidential
  • Communication workshops for performing artists, students, and teachers.


Sometimes life presents situations in which we feel that we must choose. Do we need to do what is supposed to be right and follow our duty or can we follow our heart and do what we want most? This is the classical dilemma between reason and passion. The ideal answer varies from period to period. In the 18th century, the Age of Enlightenment, the leading thought was that reason should be the guiding principle, represented as a steersman on the ship (us) in a turbulent sea (life). Emotions should be regulated in order to maintain the right balance in life. They could flow freely in controlled circumstances, such as in art and religion. In later times the preference shifted more to the emotional side of the spectrum. The philosophy of Due Venti is that reason and passion can go perfectly together hand in hand, especially in art. Due Venti promotes artists who seek to communicate as directly as possible through their art from their soul to the heart of the audience.

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