Communication workshops for artists and performing art students

No one is born with nimble fingers. Technical skill in music comes with endless hours of practice. Added to that comes the study of essential subjects like historical and cultural context, music theory, period styles, ornamentation, and instrument construction. A life in music is a life of continuous study and practice. We all understand and accept that.

Yet somehow musicians are expected to be automatically able to function effortlessly in groups, to be able to give and receive feedback, to be professional never mind the circumstances. True, some people seem to have a natural talent to elegantly float through all situations. In other fields however professionals receive great amounts of training in professional communication skills in order to collaborate well with others. Especially important is how to professionally disagree with each other  and how to deal with conflict. Because if you don’t feel well in the situation you work at, this may impact your performance negatively.

There is practical and science based theory about communication, group skills, conflict management, and stress. There are practical skills that can be trained. These help to take situations less personal and more manageable. Or to reconnect afterwards in case you have erred. We are all human after all. Due Venti offers workshops, trainings, lectures, etc. for musicians about these communication and group skills. Those workshops are adequate for learning institutions such as conservatories or conferences. They can be tailor made for group themes and team development.

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Musicians sometimes work for long periods in existing groups or orchestras. Many musicians travel, work with different groups in different projects. In different countries, different halls and theatres. It is useful to have your communication skills up to par. In other words, professional communication is a necessary part of a musician’s life.