Due Venti was founded by Bob Rammeloo. He is a psychologist with a long experience in training and educating professionals in various fields of work. He specialized in complex communication. This refers to situations in which there are high emotions, interests, and stress. Much of this work involves training professionals in the so-called human skills. Such training can be for professionals individually and it is possible in existing teams or groups.

Bob Rammeloo also works as a moderator for conferences and for large group theme discussions. Since 2020 he started making educative podcasts. In some concerts he is the narrator who provides background stories to the musical works.

In private life, he is a lover of art and music in particular. He has worked with musicians for over 10 years.
For contact, please write to: bob.rammeloo@dueventi.com.
For contact with the front office you can write to info@dueventi.com.